I am a landscape photographer based in West Sussex, England. I am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and hold an M.A. in photography from Falmouth University. My M.A. research focused on the links between landscape and photography with particular reference to the Irish poets, W.B. Yeats and Seamus Heaney. This theme is developed further in my Critical Review of Practice. My photographic publications include "Verso: the landscapes of Seamus Heaney" (VIKA Books, 2019) and "T.S. Eliots's Four Quartets: a photographic exploration" (2014).
I have exhibited at Oxford University Press, London (Anise Gallery) and Asti Art Gallery in Italy https://www.astiartgallery.com/

"A totally wonderful book. It’s lovely just to hold the object and to turn the pages and on each and every page encounter vistas full of light and shadow, textures, and water and moss. The book will add a great deal to how I read and hear the poems, poems I love."
Andrew Kahn, Professor of Russian Literature, University of Oxford

"Such brilliant photographs. You look at them and it's like an act of recognition - even if we haven't lived ourselves in that landscape, those landscapes, we experience a sense that we have been returned to our childhoods. It's like remembering something. As if a need for something forgotten has been salved. That farmyard - wet, grim, abraded, barren, broken concrete, repaired concrete - is an unlovely vision, the anti-poetry of cement. So real​. We recognise it and are grateful."
Craig Raine, poet

To purchase a copy of "Verso", please use the link below:
The book is also available at The Library Project in Dublin and Photobook Café London.
"Verso" is in the following collections: Martin Parr Foundation Library, Photobook Café London.

I still have a  very small number of copies of the "Four Quartets" photobook. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please email me at nigel.ready@gmail.com
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